Trump’s CIA Pick Releases Shocking News About The Only Solution That Will Save America

As has been expected, all of Trump’s picks are being meticulously scrutinized. There’s nothing wrong with that, but all the detractors are liberals who can’t stand that Trump is filling administration roles with Christians and or extremely successful business people.

One of the most important positions to be filled is Director of the CIA. For this he has put forward Kansas State Representative, Mike Pompeo. Pompeo is no slouch. He graduated from West Point Military Academy first in his class in 1986, and served as a cavalry officer patrolling the Iron Curtain before the fall of the Berlin Wall. He also served with the 2nd Squadron, 7th Cavalry in the Fourth Infantry Division. He served his last tour in the Gulf War.

West Point trains the best and brightest minds for military service, and the fact that Pompeo graduated first in his class there means there’s not a lot that’s getting past him. He’s uniquely qualified to perceive and understand the threats our nation faces. Oh, and he’s also a Believer. But if you really want to know why Trump picked him to head up Central Intelligence, look at this clip where he grills Hillary over Benghazi.

Pompeo knows that our country is in trouble, and is in need of radical correction. He also knows that a single politician or a group of the best politicians won’t save this country. Pompeo actually made one of the boldest statements about America’s future that a rare few have come close to matching.

He was speaking to a church in Wisconsin, when he made statements about the ongoing war on terror, and the true motivation for the terrorists actions is their disdain for Christianity.

“This threat to America is from people who deeply believe that Islam is the way and the light and the only answer,”

“These folks believe that it is religiously driven for them to wipe Christians from the face of the earth,”

“They abhor Christians,” he said of a small minority among Muslims, advising people to “pray and stand and fight and make sure that we know that Jesus Christ is our savior is truly the only solution for our world.”

Jesus Christ is truly the only solution for this world.