Two Construction Workers Began Praising Jesus, What Happens At 3:11 Left Me Speechless

We all have hidden talents that we may not even be aware of, but that is definitely not the case with these two incredibly gifted gentlemen.

While they may spend their days as contractors, these two blue-collar workers aren’t your typical construction laborers.

On their Facebook page the two describe themselves as “A pair of contractors singing to encourage others and help spread the good news of Christ!! To God Be The Glory!” Once you hear them sing, you’ll wonder why they haven’t switched professions yet!


The two have been interviewed by numerous talk shows, and news outlets, and time and time again they put out viral hit after viral hit. This rendition of “Mary, Did You Know?” is no different.

With Christmas quickly approaching, these two found it fitting to recreate the timeless classic in their own way. Thank the Lord that they did.


Worship comes in many shapes and forms, whether it be through hard work, or crying aloud to Him. No matter what, though, we should always be encouraged to sing our praises to the Lord! Have a blessed day!