Two Guys Walk Into A Police Department, What Happened Next Will Stay With Me Forever

It now appears that American citizens think that Dearborn is on par with Russia, meaning it’s the wild west of America and anything goes.

When this video starts you’ll see two young men in ski masks, wearing body armor and carrying an AP-14, with a Go Pro camera perched on their shoulder playing the parrot to their pirate of the midwest motif. They inform us that they were just pulled over by the Detroit police and felt like their lives were threatened, and they were going to the station to file a complaint.

Open carry is allowed in Michigan. Yes, you two morons are allowed to carry guns around in the open, but what makes you think you can walk into a police station wearing ski masks, carry APs, and wearing tactical gear and think the police are going to greet you like girl scouts selling cookies?

These guys had a pretty long walk on their way into the station, so the police inside had more than enough time to see them coming and be prepared. They were probably fairly shocked when they were greeted with rifles in their face.

The two men were, James Craig Baker and Brandon Brent Vreeland. They were charged with breach of peace, masks/disguises while parading, and failure to cooperate during booking proceedings.

The Dearborn police said they recovered “four guns, including the loaded AP-14 firearm and a loaded Glock 19 handgun, authorities said. It wasn’t immediately clear where the other two weapons were recovered from.”

You can’t yell “Fire” in a crowded theater, because it will cause fear and panic. In the same way rolling up to a police station in body armor and carrying rifles and wearing masks is wrong because the police wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between anti-government survivalists trying to file a complaint and actual terrorists wanting to kill people. Although in this situation that’s an extremely fine line.

Don’t ruin guns for the rest of us by acting like morons.