Two Words Saved Her Children From Being Abducted, Now This Mom Is Warning Every Parent

Jodie Norton, a mother of four, felt a terrible stabbing pain in her side one morning while taking a shower. For a mother with four children to worry about, arrangements had to be made when she went to the hospital.

While she was in the hospital room, two of Norton’s children, 10 and 8 years old, waited outside for their neighbor to take them to school. However, there was some miscommunication and the boys had to wait much longer than expected, and that is where things took a terrifying turn.

Although Jodie did not find out until she had returned from the hospital, the boys had been targeted and approached by three strangers with dangerous intentions. Two of the potential kidnappers tried to convince the kids to go into the bathroom with the third. The story of this attempt left Jodie shocked.

“Their story of what had transpired while I had stupidly left them out there alone made me simultaneously sick and grateful,” Jodie said. “While on that bench, they were approached by an adult female and two punk males who asked them if they’d ‘help them out by going into the bathroom where her boyfriend was hiding from the doctor and see if they could convince him to come out and get treated.’”

But with a simple change of a very common phrase, the boys were able to avoid all kinds of potential dangers. The oldest boy, CJ, remembered what his mother had taught him, and it really did save their life. Jodie never taught her kids “don’t talk to strangers,” because she knew one day they would need a to talk to a stranger.

Instead, the children were taught to stay away from “tricky people,” a term created by Safely Ever After. When the two-people continued to get the boys in the bathroom, saying “Please? You could really save his life if you’d just go in that bathroom and tell him it’s safe to come out,” CJ would just repeat “no, thank you”. Jodie then realized that this “tricky person” term truly did save her kids’ lives.

“I heard CJ spout off a family ‘stay safe’ rule we went over way too long ago that helped him know these creeps were up to no good. Most specifically, a tip for identifying a ‘tricky person’.” Jodie said. And this little 10-year-old boy was extremely intuitive, saying “Mom, I knew they were tricky people because they were asking us for help. Adults don’t ask kids for help.”

Watch the video below and please share with every parent you know– it could spare their children’s lives! 

Those two words saved these little boys from unthinkable potential dangers. Share this story and remember to teach your kids to stay away from all types of “tricky people”.