Universities Everywhere Are Changing This American Tradition, What They’re Doing Will Make You SICK

Across the country, college campuses are transforming from institutions of higher learning to left-wing safe spaces void of logic.

The University of Minnesota is just the latest school to cause a fuss, and in typical liberal fashion, the outrage doesn’t even make sense.

Following in the footsteps of a few other colleges, the University of Minnesota is no longer naming a homecoming king and queen, instead deciding to name two “royals” to the “court”.

With more adults refusing to be parents, many of today’s youth aren’t even aware of who they are. Instead of being exposed to reality, schools are making an effort to coddle these kids, so as not to lose their tuition money. Now, we have an entire generation of young people who think one’s sex has nothing to do with what body parts they have.

Devin Graf, a junior on the Homecoming planning board, says that the change to “royals” tells transgender and non-gender conforming students that “there’s a place for them on our Homecoming court.”

Last year, parents in the community were upset when a coloring competition gave out awards to the best boy and girl in each age group (what won’t parents complain about?). Parents didn’t like that the awards were given out based on gender. Not wanting to force parents into parenting, the University of Minnesota decided the logical thing to do would be to change the entire homecoming celebration.

The Pioneer Press reported on the school’s policy changes, saying the move was an effort to promote inclusion. Sadly, these types of instances only serve to create more confusion for today’s youth.

“As in past years, the U will name 10 students to Homecoming court, only this year the mix won’t necessarily be five men and five women. Those 10 will be paired at random to compete in pre-Homecoming events, and their performance, along with a university-wide vote, will determine the two royals.”

Yes, these are the atrocities today’s youth are concerned with. Imaginary “royal courts” must be a really big talking point in liberal circles. Everyone knows homecoming only exists to put down those non-gender conforming people. Obviously I’m kidding, but that is how many on the left feel. To them, this is a serious issue.

As America’s students fall further behind the rest of the developed world, it is troubling to see our schools focus on such trivial matters. If a student is too afraid to pick a bathroom, or is terrified of their own body parts, it’s not up to society to make them feel special. If kids aren’t confident in who they are, no change to a school’s homecoming is going to fix that. If anything, Minnesota is punishing those who are confident enough to stand boldly as they are. That’s the opposite of empowering students. Please share if you agree.