Van Jones WRECKS Liberal College Students When He Called Them Out On This Major Issue

Without a doubt, the liberal left in this country have blown a gasket. Since Trump’s election and inauguration their sensitivity to being triggered has gone through the roof. Finally one of their own is saying something about it.

America was built on opposing ideologies, our ability to peacefully disagree is what makes this nation so great. But there’s a difference between disagreeing and having an allergic reaction every time Donald Trump says something.

Van Jones, of all people, is apparently fed up with this systemic behavior. Every time the left has a new hissy fit it only serves to erode more of their own credibility. He realizes this, and dropped a mega truth bomb on his side of the political fence.

Van Jones said immediately after Trump’s historic first speech to Congress, that we just witnessed him actually become the President, and that if Trump can keep repeating the success of that night he’d be in there for 8 years. He was quick to reiterate that Trump said plenty that he disagreed with, but he acknowledged that Trump turned a leaf.

The internet lost their minds! How could someone who was so respected under the Obama administration all of a sudden say something so positive about Trump, whom all of society is being conditioned to oppose?

In a sit down interview, Van got to even further expound upon what he thinks the left need to change and get right if they’re going to be a force for change in this country, and he didn’t pull any punches.

College campuses are regarded as places where ideas can be thought up and tested, without any real backlash, but he criticized how overly sensitive liberal students have become when they find out someone has a viewpoint they don’t agree with.

“The idea of being physically safe on a campus, not being subjected to sexual harassment and physical abuse … or being targeted specifically and purposefully because of some kind of hate speech: ‘You are an N-word’ or whatever. That I, hey — perfectly fine with that,”

“But there is another view that is now I think ascending, which I think is a horrible view, which is that ‘I need to be safe ideologically, I need to feel safe emotionally, I just need to feel good all the time. And if someone says something I don’t like that’s a problem for everybody else, including the administration.’ And I think that is a terrible idea for the following reasons.”

“You can’t live on a campus where people say stuff you don’t like?! And these people can’t fire you. They can’t arrest you. They can’t beat you up. They can just say stuff you don’t like — and you get to say stuff back! And this you cannot bear?!”

He then reminded his audience what real attacks actually look like. His parents were very active in the Civil Rights movement, and experienced every bit of it.

“This is ridiculous B.S., liberals. My parents … marched. They dealt with fire hoses. They dealt with dogs. They dealt with beatings. You can’t deal with a mean tweet? You are creating a kind of liberalism that the minute it crosses the street into the real world is not just useless, but obnoxious, and dangerous. I want you to be offended every single day on this campus … and then learn how to speak back.”

There are probably many more like Jones who are fed with the whiny liberal left. It’d be tough to support the young college students who overreact, knowing that they’re going to take your place as a policy maker one day in Washington.

Mr. Jones, there’s always room for you on this side of the aisle!