When This Veteran Found Out His Granddaughter Is A Marine, His Response Was Beautiful

The definition of legacy includes something that is handed down or remains from one generation to the next—a heritage; a tradition. Choosing a life of service to our great nation was once a legacy that was handed down from one generation to the next. But many Americans have gotten away from such traditions. But not this family. When it was time for a retired Marine’s granddaughter to receive her first salute, the ceremony was an unforgettable experience. The video had me in tears.

The video features former US Marines Staff Sargent James Williams delivering his granddaughter’s first salute at a ceremony held at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Virginia.

The proud grandfather had the honor of doing the military tradition for his 2nd Lieutenant granddaughter, Charlotte Williams. It is such an emotional and beautiful moment! You have to watch the priceless video.

Talk about a memory to cherish forever. Thank you both for your service!