Here Are All Of The Victims In The Attack On Police In Dallas

On Thursday night July 7th, a peaceful protest in Dallas Texas turned into a scene of violence as shots rang out through Downtown.

At the end of the chaos 12 Dallas Police officers were shot and 5 of them died. Two civilians were also shot and their injuries were not life threatening.

Here are the names and pictures of those fallen officers and what we know about them so far. Please pray for their families.

Brent Thompson, 43

Brent Thompson served Dallas since 2009.
Brent Thompson served Dallas since 2009.

Thompson is the first officer killed in the line of duty since 1989 when the department formed and had worked for DART police since 2009.

Patrick Zamrippa, 32


Patrick Zamarripa was from Fort Worth. He was a young father and war veteran.

Texas Rangers prospect Joey Gallo had a brief moment with Zamarripa months before the deadly shooting. He shared a photo of them together on Instagram.

He had this to say about their meeting:

A photo posted by Joey Gallo (@joeygallo24) on

A couple months ago @nomazara26 and I were walking down the street in downtown Dallas. When an officer stopped us, Mazara and I immediately became nervous, “I know who you guys are,” he said. “Joey Gallo and Nomar Mazara, can I get a picture with you guys please?” It was definitely a first for me and Nomar to have an officer, a true hero, want to meet us. His name is Patrick Zamarripa, one of the officers killed in last nights shootings in Dallas. I’ll never forget how kind and down to earth he was. We ended up having a 15-minute conversation about sports with him. He was an avid Rangers fan. But more importantly a great person, and family man. Please keep Patrick, and all the officers affected and their families in our prayers today. #prayfordallas

Michael Krol, 40


His mother, Susan, had the following to say:

“He was living a dream of being a police officer. He just turned 40 in April. He knew the danger of the job but he never shied away from his duty as a police officer. He was a great caring person and wanted to help people. A wonderful son, brother, uncle, nephew and friend.”

Michael Smith, 55


Smith had recently discussed retirement with his brother, but stayed on the force to be alongside the men and women at the department.

Mike was a proud member of Watermark Church and could be seen protecting the members during Sunday services. The church recently paid tribute on their Facebook page with the following post:

Lorne Ahrens, 48


A 14-year veteran with the Dallas police, Ahrens was married to a Dallas police detective and had two children, ages 10 and 8.

Steve Stribley, a Dallas patrol officer, told a newspaper that Ahrens was “an incredible loving and devoted husband and father” and a “greatly respected veteran of the department.”

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Our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered from this tragedy. Pray for Dallas, pray for Texas, and most of all, pray for our country during this difficult time. We WILL get through this, but we have to do it together.

Two civilians were also shot including one mother who used herself as a human shield to protect her children from gunfire.

Her name is Shetamia Taylor.


Her sister saw firsthand what happened.

They all began to run, scatter and she said as she started to run [that] she caught a bullet in the back of her right leg. She immediately jumped on top of one of her boys, the 15-year-old; she jumped on top to cover him on the ground as she pushed him in between two cars and the curb.

More info will be added about these brave officers as it comes to us.

Please share and pray for our country and these officers!