This Video Exposes Obama’s “Divide And Conquer” Strategy, You Gotta See This!

Anyone who has half a brain can see that America is divided along racial lines now more than ever in recent history. What many thought would be an advance for the Black community in the United States when the first Black President was elected, seems to be the opposite. But Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke believes that we have President Barack Obama to blame for the current racial divide in the nation. And apparently many people agree with him. According to a Fox News poll, 62 percent of respondents say race relations have worsened since Obama became president.

“He built this racial divide. It was a wound that had been healing for a number of years, a number of decades […] and he reopened it with his divisive politics,” Clarke said.

“President Obama has benefitted from this ‘divide and conquer’ strategy…” remarked Clarke, “but it’s been very destructive for America.”

Clarke says that Obama has taken sides on issues involving race instead of taking a more neutral tone and getting people to stay calm, he fanned flames of racial inequality.