Vince Gill’s Cover Of “One More Time About Jesus” Left The Whole Room Speechless

Bill & Gloria Gaither just hosted Vince Gill who performed the old famous song, “Tell Me One More Time About Jesus” and it’s incredibly powerful.

The multi-award winning country singer has not been shy about his faith over the years. His talent coupled with his support for country-gospel music that convey’s the message of Christ makes him a powerhouse of a performer.

It’s obvious why the Gaither’s would invite him on to sing a song about conversion.


We all know the story of those turning to God just like this song talks about, it may have even been you. The lyrics are moving, and for some, it’ll perfectly convey their walk to finding Jesus.

“Tell me one more time about Jesus
All about forgiveness and grace
Tell me one more time about Jesus
All about my Savior’s face
I walked by church Sunday morning’
Slipped on in the back door
Sure been a long time coming
Tell preacher what I need to know
His words were like a cool drink of water
He said sinners come on down the aisle
So I went runnin’ for the altar
Should have seen my old friend the preacher smile

I promise you don’t want to miss this. Watch Vince Gill’s powerful performance in the video below: 

Wow. We’re so blessed to have such talented Godly musicians and singers in this day and age. Please share if you agree. God bless you Vince Gill!