Violent Liberals Pepper Spray Young Girl For Showing President Trump Support

Remember during the election when the media pointed at Trump supporters for inciting violence?

Campaign stops were portrayed as rallies for the “basket of deplorables,” and calls of racism were echoed throughout the establishment, but now the media has changed their tune.

The talking heads on CNN, and the like had no problem painting Trump supporters with broad brushes. They were called xenophobic, islamaphobic, homophobic, anti-woman, the list goes on and on, but the same rhetoric isn’t used to describe these present day “protests,” which have only served to further divide our nation.

From the protests following the inauguration, to the millions of women marching against the president days later, the media has celebrated those who are willing to pick up their liberal causes. Their message is clear: join us, or you’re part of the problem.

Maybe that’s why the media is so quiet when those fighting for their cause are stirring up trouble. While they were quick to label their political foes, now they aren’t so fast to judge today’s dissenters, stating that the violence is only carried out by a very few. “These were peaceful demonstrations,” the say. Funny how the coverage changes depending on the offending party.

The tolerant left are quick to point out the intolerance of others, but they hardly practice what they preach, as evidence by the following video. Featured in the video is a young woman with a “Make Bitcoin Great Again” hat being interviewed during the UC Berkley protest when all of a sudden a person in the crowd came up and sprayed her with pepper-spray.

If this is what “tolerance” looks like, then I want no part of it. Of course, the media and liberals in D.C. are only encouraging dissent, telling the masses “make your voices heard.” Sadly, people are resorting to physical violence against those who may not see eye to eye with them.

Democrats in government need to speak out against these acts of violence occurring at their behest. At some point the tolerant-left needs to practice what they preach, and realize that violence is never the answer. Sadly, the media only wishes to encourage these actions, rather than attempt to unite us.