She Waited 3 Years For The Phone To Ring, One Hour After The Call This Little Girl’s Life Changed Forever

For three long and challenging years, this little girl prayed the phone to ring. When she finally received the news she’d been waiting for, her reaction was simply too beautiful for words.

14-year-old Macey Wright was born with a congenital heart defect. Over the years, she has undergone several open heart procedures. But instead of getting better, Macey’s heart only weakened.

This year, Macey began showing symptoms of heart failure. Because of this, the young teen was bumped up on the donor list to receive a heart transplant.


As the Wrights waited for Macey’s new heart, they prayed for a miracle. And with each passing day, they prayed harder.

Macey’s mother, Patricia Wright explained, “She had high pressures in her lungs and they need to be low enough to receive a transplant. If [a heart] didn’t come soon, she would have to have a heart and lung transplant. There was a great urgency when the call came.”


But earlier this month, the Wrights finally received the news they had been praying for. Mrs Wright pulled out her cellphone to capture Macey’s reaction to the good news.

“I wanted everybody else to see how amazing that call was for our friends and family,” Wright told ABC News. “She’s a pretty tender, sweet-hearted girl. I did think she’d cry tears of joy, but I didn’t think she’d be that elated.”

Macey’s candid reaction to the life-changing news is so raw and real, it’s simply too beautiful for words. Watch the powerful moment in the video below:

Less than one hour after receiving that life-changing phone call, Macey checked in at Primary Children’s Medical Center. And the very same day her heart came in, beautiful little Macey underwent heart surgery.


Today, Macey is well on her way to making a full recovery.

Macey’s mother shared, “She’s very brave, Macey’s been faced with many difficult emotions besides feeling sick on top of that. She’s had to realize what that means to get a donor organ. That makes her sad for the [donor’s] family. She struggles with that, [but] she’s so grateful that somebody gave her this gift.”



Macey hopes that her story will inspire others to consider organ donation. Mrs Wright shared, “She feels like it’ll save a future life down the road and she wants to be a part of that.”

Praise God for Macey’s new heart! May her story inspire us all to become an organ donor. Please share her story with everyone you know — it may save a life. 

“Without the organ donor, there is no story, there is no hope, no transplant. But when there is a organ donor, life springs from death, sorrows turn from hope, and a terrible loss becomes a gift.”