FBI Issues Warning: Woman In Photo Above Is Armed And Posing As Government Official. PLEASE SHARE.

The FBI is urging citizens to be on alert for a woman posing as a government official. The woman seen in the photo below has been traveling across the country with two large men who are armed and very dangerous.

Most robbers wait to ensure that homeowners are gone before breaking into a house. But alarming video footage has been released of a robbery that’s almost too incomprehensible for words. These thieves actually target families who are home.

Police are on a nation-wide manhunt for the woman seen in the photo below. What starts out as a random “official government survey” quickly turns into a horrifying nightmare.

Officials shared, “WARNING the lady pictured below and some others not pictured are knocking on houses and pretending to be from government officials. Please be careful as they are robbers.. Please pass on the message and warn others. It can happen anywhere.”

After successfully baiting the homeowner, the clipboard-carrying “government official” makes way for armed robbers to push past and raid the home. It’s simply horrifying.

Watch the scary moment go down in the video below. 

Please protect yourselves; NEVER open your front door unless you recognize the person– no matter how “official” they may seem.

Let’s catch these heartless thieves. Be on the lookout for this dangerous woman and please share with everyone you know!