After Weeks Of Silence, George W. Bush Makes A Stunning Confession That Could Shake Up The Presidency As We Know It

Ever since he left the White House, you can pretty much count on 2 hands the times that George W. Bush has emerged into the public eye.

The former President isn’t reclusive, he just respects the office and didn’t want to haphazardly effect President Obama’s job by running his mouth and speaking out of turn. That being said, he did finally reveal who he voted for in the 2016 election.

It’s no secret there has been tension between Trump and the Bush family. Trump very notably called for Bush’s impeachment, claiming he had foreknowledge of 9/11 and allowed it to happen. And Trump mercilessly attacked Jeb Bush’s credibility during the campaigning. It’s easy to understand WHY Bush didn’t vote for Trump.

In a statement released by a representative of the former President, he did not vote for Trump or Hillary. He was so appalled by both of those options he literally chose “None of the above,” and then voted straight ticket Republican.

Rumors swirled that Bush voted for Hillary! But it was later confirmed that that was his father, former President and former Director of Central Intelligence, George Herbert Walker Bush.

It just goes to show how much of an outsider Trump really is.