Weinstein Accusers: We Were Excluded From Golden Globes

Several of the actresses who accused disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and harassment have criticized the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, questioning why they were not invited to the ceremony as a show of support.

On Jan. 8, sexual misconduct in Hollywood was the defining theme of the 75th Golden Globes ceremony, which followed a late-2017 wave of scandals that rocked the entertainment world and other U.S. industries. Attendees wore black in solidarity of sexual abuse victims and several of the award speeches were dedicated to addressing systemic misconduct against women, The New York Times reports.

In October 2017, several exposes revealed that Weinstein had settled a multitude of sexual harassment lawsuits throughout his career. Following the reports, over 80 women came forward to accuse the producer of harassment and rape. Weinstein has denied all allegations of assault, according to USA Today.

Several of Weinstein’s accusers blasted the Golden Globes for allegedly excluding them.

On Jan. 8, actresses Asia Argento and Rose McGowan asserted on social media that they had not been recognized by Hollywood for their efforts to expose Weinstein for his alleged crimes, Newsweek reports.

“No one should forget that you were the first one who broke the silence,” Argento tweeted to McGowan. “Anyone who tries to diminish your work is a troll and an enemy of the movement. You gave me the courage to speak out. I am on your side until I die.”

McGowan responded: “Not one of those fancy people wearing black to honor our rapes would have lifted a finger had it not been so. I have no time for Hollywood fakery.”

Both McGowan and Argento have alleged that Weinstein raped them during what they expected to be business meetings in hotel rooms. Following their exchange, celebrity Corey Feldman chimed in on social media.

“Hollywood taking a stand in unity, when I wasn’t invited?” Feldman tweeted to Argento.

The 46-year-old Feldman has alleged that he was repeatedly molested by what he describes as a Hollywood pedophile ring during his career as a child star in the 1980s. On Jan. 10, the Los Angeles Police Department disclosed that it had opened an investigation into Feldman for alleged sexual battery. He has denied the accusation, New York Daily News reports.

Argento responded to Feldman’s tweet by stating: “Don’t worry, I wasn’t invited either.”

Actress Rosanna Arquette joined the social media conversation and said that she and several other Weinstein accusers had also not been invited to the Globes.

“No we weren’t invited,” Arquette tweeted. “Annabella [Sciorra], Daryl [Hannah], Mira [Sorvino] none of us were.”

Arquette had alleged that Weinstein maliciously damaged her career after she rebuffed his advances in the 1990s. Hannah and Sorvino both accused the producer of harassing them as well. Sciorra alleged that he repeatedly and violently raped her.

Argento tweeted that she believed the reason she and other accusers had not been invited to the ceremony was because “It would have been too much of a downer… an embarrassment. Victims aren’t glamorous enough.”

On Jan. 9, Argento added in another tweet: “I can only speak for myself but not only wasn’t I invited to the #GoldenGlobes: nobody asked my opinion about #TIMESUP or to sign the letter.”

The Golden Globes had partnered with the Time’s Up collective to draw attention to sexual harassment in Hollywood. Time’s Up, announced on Jan. 1, is a movement that provides a legal defense fund for victims of sexual abuse and is backed by over 300 prominent women in Hollywood, The Atlantic reported.

“I support [Time’s Up] even though I was excluded from it,” Argento concluded. “Guess I am not POWERFUL or HOLLYWOOD enough. Proud to work behind the scenes.”

The Golden Globes did include at least one Weinstein accuser. Ashley Judd, who accused the producer of sexual harassment, attended the awards ceremony and was prominently featured during the telecast.

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