When A Fox Snuck Up On A Dog I Was Scared, Seconds Later I Couldn’t Stop Smiling

Disney has created some great animated stories in their day, but I never expected that some of them might actually happen in real life. When I saw this video of a real-life “The Fox and the Hound”, I couldn’t believe how cute this pair was!

It all started when a Norwegian family found a baby fox all alone in the woods. The family began bringing food to the little fox in an effort to keep it alive. As they would come to visit, their family dog, Tinni soon became friends with the fox, who they affectionately named, Sniffer.

Now, years later, Tinni and Sniffer are still best friends. Sniffer continues to live in the woods, but often comes to play with Tinni and when you see their crazy antics, you’ll understand their strong and amazing bond.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from “The Fox and the Hound” and now from Tinni and Sniffer it’s that you can love those who are different than you. We pray it’s a lesson we all learn in this day in age that we live in when black or white, Christian or other, we must learn to love one another.