When A Thug Broke Into Her Home, This Grandma Did The Only Thing She Could

There’s an urban legend that says should you ever cross the border into Texas, there’ll be someone there ready to give you a gun. It’s really no secret we like our guns here in the Lone Star state. Yes, it’s fun to shoot things, but also they’re just really good at scaring away bad guys!

This local Granny found out how effective having a pistol nearby can actually be. She was sitting at home by herself getting ready to watch the news when a man kicked open her front door and pointed a gun at her.

Although she was stunned, she had her own gun nearby and was able to reach for it. When the man saw her pistol he turned tail and bolted. The brave grandma was able to fire several rounds, but didn’t hit him.

Thieves are really just a different kind of bully. They want to scare you into doing whatever it is they want, but as soon as you stand up to them they loose any sort of bravery they had. Maybe this man didn’t actually have any bullets in his gun? And he wasn’t really going to play chicken with this granny.

She candidly shared her thoughts on the ordeal,

“I’m not sure if I hit him. I sure tried. I sure was hoping. That was a scare of my life. Anybody break in on me, I’m gonna kill ’em.”

The local Sheriff’s office said they had no problem with how Ms. Roberson handled the situation. The Texas Penal Code fully empowers individuals to defend their home against intruders.

We salute Ms. Roberson for her bravery. We pray that you never have to defend your home from an intruder again.