This Store Owner Chases Off A Thug In An Amazing Way

We love instant justice stories. We hate the fact that they happen, BUT we love when thugs get what’s coming to them immediately.

In this video you see a young man attempting to buy some snacks at a convenient store. All seems good when he pulls a pistol on the woman behind the register.

The amazing thing is she doesn’t get scared. She swats the gun away a couple of times, then actually grabs it! The thug reaches into the register with his free hand and tries to grab what cash he can.

The woman isn’t having it she starts hitting him over the head and the thug knows he’s had enough and it’s time to split. Good thing too, the woman had just picked up a hammer and was ready to go to town.

She chases him out. You can’t always stop a bad person from wanting to do bad things, but thugs are always cowards. Stand up to them and flee from you.