When General Petraeus Showed Up To Trump Tower, I Knew America Was On The Right Path

The Trump administration is certainly shaping up. David Petraeus has been summoned to Trump Tower to be interviewed for the position of Secretary of State.

Who Trump picks as Secretary of State, will largely define the tone of his administration. This person will be the face of American foreign policy to the rest of world. Also in the running, Mitt Romney has been considered, and has drawn much criticism.

Petraeus understands American foreign policy better than most. He was the commander in Iraq, and he even became the head of the CIA, until he was the victim of an email hack himself and ousted from his position in the middle of a marital affair. He knows the resolve it will take to finally eliminate ISIL.

If Trump chooses to go with Petraeus, then he will find a massive battle on his hands. Even FBI Director Comey says that Petraeus offense was worse than Secretary Clinton’s because he deliberately lied when first questioned about his actions.

General Petraeus arrives at Trump Tower

General Petraeus remarks about his meeting with Trump

If you needed anymore proof that Comey plays for Team Clinton, there you go.

Trump cares about America first, and he’ll have to surround himself with people that hold to those ideals. Petraeus seems to fit that bill.