LeAnn Rimes Started Singing About Her Mom, Now Listen Closely To The Words

LeAnn Rimes was all smiles as she stepped on stage to perform a tribute to her mama. But as she began to sing, the famous singer couldn’t hold back the raw emotions behind her heartbreaking lyrics. This is beautiful.

LeAnn moved me to tears as she performed her most personal and emotional song yet, simply entitled; “Mother.” Rimes choked back the tears as she sang, “Mama, you know you did the best you could; the best you can. Forgive me now, oh I understand.”

In an attempt to honor her mother after years of challenging dynamics, the song expresses the complexity of motherhood and the gratitude that comes with realizing how much your mother sacrificed. At 34, LeAnn now recognizes many of the struggles her mother endured.

In a rare interview, Rimes shared, “My mom and I had an interesting relationship. You know, she kind of lost me to the world when I was 13. And, you know, that posed some really deep trauma for her—and things I could’ve never understood as a teenager, even in my 20s. But she would constantly tell me how much she wanted to protect me and couldn’t. And I kind of just blew her off—I didn’t really take that. I didn’t have any empathy for it.”

It wasn’t until LeAnn sat down to write a tribute to her mother that she finally came to realize the immense pain she put her mother through.

“I feel like that song, I almost wrote it and then stepped into it later with true understanding. I think I finally saw my mom as the woman that she was. Not my mother, but the woman that struggled. And she had her faults. And she has such a beauty about her heart. I kind of saw all angles of my mom as a woman. You know, to be able to come back and create something that was positive— I wanted to put that out in the world, because I felt like that’s what I needed at the time. I feel like [it is important because of] where we are in our climate of…humanity, and what we need. And so, it was just a powerful piece of work to create. It was very healing for me. A lot of healing happened during that record.”

Watch LeAnn’s powerful performance as she sings a powerful tribute to her Mother in the video below:  

Thank you LeAnn Rimes, for reminding mothers everywhere to keep fighting for their children; May we never stop believing. May we never stop praying. And maybe, just maybe; they’ll turn their lives around someday and thank their Mother.

“Her children rise up and call her blessed… Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” Proverbs 31: 28 & 29

Motherhood is oftentimes a thankless job. Be sure to stop and thank yours today. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful, hardworking mamas out there. Thank God for mothers, please share if you’re grateful for yours!