When Parents Found Out Predators Were Getting Through On YouTube Kids, They Fought Back In A Surprising Way

It truly does seem like there is a new danger for children on the internet every single day, in fact there are probably too many potential dangers to list. And as a parent, this should be pretty frightening for you.

There are people out there who have the sick, twisted goal of showing your children terribly disturbing images, so it is extremely important to always monitor what they are doing on the computer. Putting up parental blocks on sites such as YouTube are not enough anymore, as Kitty Jean points out in her post regarding this subject on Facebook.

“Parents: Please please please monitor what your kids are watching on YouTube or Kids YouTube,” Jean pleaded in her post. She talks about people creating shows on the website with well-known kid’s characters, but the episodes have scary and dark twists. Without proper supervision, your child could unknowingly watch something that leaves them terrified.

Because these fake shows feature the seemingly-harmless characters, they are normally able to bypass the child blocks and even make it onto YouTube Kids as well as regular YouTube. Jean states that if you are not careful and watching, the dark episodes can autoplay without you or your child realizing.

Jean mentioned a specific example in her post of an episode with the children’s character Peppa Pig. She wrote, “Peppa Pig is weird enough but this channel has taken the likeness of the characters and twisted them with scary weird themes… comments say that kids are left crying.” The fact that people would put time into making something like this is awful, but because it is out there, the importance of being aware of your child’s internet use is crucial.

To continue with her public service announcement, Jean went on to add that parents must “also be aware of things like suicide games. Apps, shows, etc using kids characters to get kids to do extremely harmful things.” She used an example from a show called The Winx Club, which featured a tutorial on “how to become a fire fairy”. The instructions included sneaking into the kitchen late at night, so no one can disturb the ‘magic’, turning on the oven and stove “letting the magic gas fill the house.”

Although flagging these videos does help, and it also assists other parents, Jean does warn that these thumbnails change all the time. So, the best way to keep your child safe is to simply pay attention to what they are watching and doing.

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