What Violent Leftists Just Did To Ivanka Trump Is A Disgrace To Our Country, My Blood Is BOILING

Nordstrom announced that it would no longer be carrying Ivanka Trump’s clothing and label, but they insist it’s nothing personal.

The company claims this is purely business, stating “we make buying decisions based on performance.” However, this wouldn’t be the first-time Nordstrom took a stance against the Trump’s.

A mere 3 days before announcing they would no longer be carrying Ivanka Trump’s line, Nordstrom made an internal statement supporting immigrants regarding the Trump immigration executive order. Although a Nordstrom spokeswoman claims “the two were not connected,” the connection is there, and it is in plain sight.

On top of that, the drop of the Trump brand seemed to take place right in the midst of a Trump product boycott started by a group called “#GrabYourWallet.” The group has been urging companies and consumers to boycott all Trump products, providing a list of companies to steer clear of on their website, one of those being Nordstrom.

Of the “Top Ten Companies We’re Boycotting” listed on #GrabYourWallet’s website, Nordstrom was the only one with a comment, stating: “On 2/2/17, Nordstrom made an announcement that it’s phasing out Ivanka Trump items…it’s selling through remaining inventory, but will not be replenishing. Once that sell through process is complete, we’ll be removing Nordstrom from the #GrabYourWallet list.” But I’m sure this had nothing to do with their decision.

President Trump, who took to twitter to defend his daughter, received an incredible amount of backlash. White House press secretary Sean Spicer, in defense of the President, said “For people to take out their concerns about his actions or his executive orders on members of his family, he has every right to stand up for his family and applaud their businesses activities, their success.”

Whether Nordstrom is taking a political stance against the Trump family and administration, or getting strong-armed by a hashtag group, this decision seems to be based on anything but performance. This is NOT okay! Please share to get the truth out and show your support for Ivanka Trump!