When Scarlett Johansson Ridiculed Ivanka Trump, Her Response Was Brutally Honest

Saturday Night Live has always poked fun at politicians in the past (minus Barack Obama, of course), but attacking members of the Trump family is a new low.

While the show hardly gets the viewership it once commanded, the SNL writers do their best to remain relevant, and this means participating in the popular trend of Trump bashing.

This week the show decided to pick on a successful business woman, Ivanka Trump. Where are all the feminists coming to her defense?! Oh that’s right, liberals only care bout other liberals. So much for being accepting, huh?

The problem with the clip isn’t the fact that it bashes Ivanka, but rather it simply isn’t funny. Even the laugh track is insulting to viewers!

SNL has had some funny skits in the (very distant) past, but now the writers are going for “atta boys” instead of genuine laughs. If the purpose of the show is to make liberals feel better about the world, then I get it. However, these people are supposed to be comedians (Scarlett Johansson is not, though, and that explains the clip’s lack of humor), and comedians are supposed to be funny. So, maybe the show is going in a different direction than in previous seasons.

Here, you be the judge. Please, I beg of you, if you find the part where it starts getting funny, let me know:

Again, I fail to see the humor in the clip, but maybe I’m just missing the punchline. Then again, I can’t really remember the last time I saw anyone laugh at an SNL skit.