When She Said “I Live In A Barn” I Couldn’t Believe It, When I Saw Inside? Wow!

If our Lord and King, Jesus was born into a barn, why wouldn’t it be good for us to dwell in?

Even when most people wouldn’t see the value in a dusty and dirty old barn, Chip and Joanna Gaines thought it would be a task well suited to them.

When I saw the transformation the famous “Fixer Upper” couple created, I couldn’t help but get excited. Wait until you see the amazing upgrade they pulled off!

It all started with an old, four-stall barn that was bought along with the land for $180,000.


By the time Chip and Jo got their hands on it, it became something straight out of a dream…


One of the best parts of the house is the dining room. It started out as an empty space full of potential…


But afterwards, it is a gorgeous room where the owners can entertain to their hearts content!



Jo took the downstairs and made a beautiful living room.




living room

Instead of just wasting the space behind the stairs, she created a small office nook and bookshelf. Genius!


The kitchen was quite the feat. Located on the second story, it was a bit of a mess before.


But Chip and Jo opened it up and made it into a lovely space that joins a second, smaller dining option.



My favorite space was the boys’ bedroom Chip and Jo created—complete with a wall for building with Legos!



And then who can forget the gorgeous family den?! If that doesn’t say “cozy”, I don’t know what does!



It started as just a barn with four stalls, hay storage and a 1000-square-foot attic apartment, but it became the most an amazing 2700-square-foot home.

Chip and Jo with homeowners, the Meeks.
Chip and Jo with homeowners, the Meeks.

Thank you God for giving Chip and Joanna such incredible gifts and talents that they get to share with the world!