When This Iranian Born Jew Met Jesus, He Couldn’t Stand To Keep The Encounter To Himself

Jesus came for all people of all people groups, and any and every ethnicity imaginable. Nothing exemplifies that more beautifully than this next story.

There’s something inside all of us as human beings that causes us to be interested in who Jesus Christ was on planet earth, and who he still very much is. For many this journey of discovery is met with little social resistance, but for others it’s literally life and death.

Growing up in a Jewish family often times means living in a strict household, but pair that with being born in Iran, and it’s a unique upbringing to say the least. This man has fond memories of learning what it is to be Jewish and learning all the special prayers and traditions of his religion.

His interaction with God’s healing power and love began at a young age, when he had a terrible ear ache. His parents called for their Rabbi to come visit them to sacrifice a lamb. He says that as soon as the lamb was slaughtered his ear ache went away!

He shares how he finally saw the parallels between Isaiah 53 and that it’s actually pointing to Jesus himself, the perfect sinless lamb.

How powerful a detail to notice that he was healed as soon as the blood was shed. The lamb died, and the provision for his healing was given. Right when Jesus died he said, “It is finished.” Any and all healing that anyone would ever need was provided in that instant. It’s now up to us to receive it in faith.

Years later when this man had his own son, God provided another miracle and saved his son’s life. He was so overwhelmed with the goodness of God, because he knew it was Jesus that healed him that he couldn’t keep it silent anymore.

“I love my family, but I can’t shut up about who this Jesus is, anymore. This Jesus healed my son. Brought him back to life. He was gracious to watch over my son when I couldn’t, and I didn’t know.”

Jesus is real, and he came to save us from our sins, and to heal us and make us whole.