When Whiny Liberals Attacked Trump, One Brave Marine Gave Them A Perfect Response!

A retired Marine who was working in Iraq as a contractor came under too much attention recently and had to be sent back home to the United States.

Lance Corporal Steven Gern, was seeing all the controversy over Trump’s alleged “Muslim Ban,” which was anything but one. He decided to talk to local Iraqis that he worked with to get their opinion on the matter. He knew they were upset about being blocked from entering the United States, even if they were never actually going to be able to go.

He wanted to see how they’d feel about having Americans come to Iraq. Would they accept them? Would they greet them the way they feel they should be greeted and welcomed into American society? When he heard their answers he was completely taken aback.

The Iraqis he asked reportedly said they would kill and behead any American. These weren’t Jihadis, ISIS, or Al-Qaeda. These were normal every day Iraqis who felt this way toward Americans. If they had such strong feelings toward outsiders, why are they so upset that Americans are hesitant about letting them in their own country?

The video went viral on Facebook, garnering over 44 million views. The contractor he worked for feared for his safety and sent him back home for his own protection.

Gern said of the incident,

“I never thought in a million years that this would go viral, and happen over a simple conversation with my team members. There are a lot of unknowns right now and what we don’t need is to continue to flood the United States with people from countries that are in such bad states when it comes to terrorism—we can’t have them come in until they are properly vetted.”

“The Iraqis, in general, have very little respect for any America –regardless of whether you’re a Marine, a contractor, or a civilian—they have very little respect for you. The United States pumps more and more money and it’s not appreciated –why don’t we just take care of our own?”

“This is boots on the ground—this is what’s actually happening—I know firsthand. People are being naive—they need to understand there is a reason we have processes and policies in place to protect Americans.”

A very compelling firsthand account indeed. All the more proof that Trump is being attacked simply because he’s “the bad guy,” and for no other reason at all.