Woman Confronts Identity Thief Working At Starbucks

When this teen stole a credit card and went on a shopping spree, she had no idea who she was messing with. WOW.

It was a normal day for Juana Martinez who stopped in her local Starbucks in Lakewood, CA with her children.

But after the cashier disappeared with her credit card to snag more “receipt paper”, Martinez knew something was wrong.

The next day, Martinez noticed someone had stolen her credit card information and went on an unauthorized shopping spree…

She quickly connected the dots, and this is where the plot thickens. The mother — outraged to find the fraudulent teen from Starbucks had stolen her credit card — decided to confront the thief.

Martinez pulled up to the Starbucks window and told the 19-year-old cashier:

“We got you on camera yesterday at Ralph’s for $200, so just know that the cops are coming up here. You’re a good kid?…..Tell it to the judge.”


Warning: Video contains profanity. 

Wow. I’m so glad they caught the young lady before she could steal anyone else’s credit card.

What would you have done if you found yourself in Juana Martinez’s shoes? 

Approximately a quarter of a million Americans file a complaint of identity theft with the Federal Trade Commission every year. Since not everyone who is a victim files a report, experts believe the actual number is higher. Don’t be a victim. Protect yourself.

5 Ways To Avoid Credit Card Theft: 

  1. Keep a light wallet. Don’t use half of your credit cards? Store them in a secure place — preferrably a safe. If you don’t plan to use them ever again, shred them.
  2. Watch What You Say on Your Cell Phone. Thinking about ordering a pizza while you’re at the grocery store? Think twice. A thief could be lurking nearby.
  3. Pay Your Bills Electronically. Save a stamp and make a payment via phone or company website. This way, thieves can’t steal your credit card number.
  4. Shred Everything. Don’t own a shredder? You may want to think twice about purchasing one today. Shredding documents is one of the best ways to protect yourself against identity theft and fraud.
  5. Have Bills Sent to You Electronically. Our generation throws things away without thinking twice about it. But a lot of our bills contain personal information that makes a thief’s job very easy.

Please help stop the credit card theft epidemic. Share this with everyone you know!