This Injured Vet Carried A Woman Across Marathon Finish Line, The Reason Why Will Leave You In Tears

The Boston Marathon will forever remind people of the tragedy in 2013, but this year there was a glimpse of hope that redeemed the negative memories.

The common camaraderie among runners is astounding. We’ve all watched a marathon when someone can’t physically finish the race on their own and fellow runners swoop in and rescue their running mates to finish what they started.

However this year, that scenario was a little bit more profound. Army Staff Sergeant Earl Granville is a wounded Veteran and this year he decided to run in the Boston Marathon. The soldier had one of his legs amputated after a bombing during his tour in Afghanistan. But that didn’t stop him from accomplishing his goals.

Cameras caught Granville crossing the finish line carrying his running guide, Piscopo and the American flag. The two are great friends and have competed in races together before. But this marathon, even though Granville had some difficulties of his own finishing the race himself, he still managed to help his running guide finish strong. When they neared the end, he picked her up and carried her in victory.

The two shared an emotional embrace as Piscopo was overwhelmed with joy and happiness for her partner. He had completed his mission. She kissed him repeatedly and cheered holding an American flag.

Their journey to the finish line is a beautiful picture and has inspired so many!

Piscopo shared, “To see him accomplish his goals, it makes me want to do more. He inspires me to be a better person.”

The retired Veteran chose to run the marathon on a fellow solider’s behalf. His friend is a double amputee and has participated in the race before with Granville, both using hand bikes. His buddy encouraged Granville to run this year and he couldn’t resist.

Granville has become a public figure since his return from Afghanistan. The young warrior has a heart of gold and is so eager to care for and love on others.

A source described him as, “a Combat Wounded Leg Amputee and an Adaptive Athlete who also brings awareness to the public about the mental health struggles in todays Military.”

Not only does Granville inspire others, he is an incredible athlete. Losing his leg hasn’t slowed him down one bit! He participates in Spartan races and has found a love for extreme sports. Granville hasn’t let his challenges overcome him. Instead, he has used them to encourage, motivate, and bring joy to others in their time of difficulty.

This Veteran is a true hero and has shown us that no matter what our story looks like we all have the choice to make the best of where we’re at.

Life throws you curve balls and it can be sad and unfortunate, but God gives us the strength and ability to find joy to continue to glorify Him.

“For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again…” Proverbs 24:16

Thank you Earl Granville, for showing us that it’s possible to overcome and find joy even in the midst of a storm. Please share if this story encouraged your heart today!