Yankee Candle Company Just Recalled 31,000 Candles, Here’s What You Need To Know

In an alarming statement earlier this week, Yankee Candle company announced a voluntary world-wide recall on one of their most popular candles. Here’s what you need to know.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall on Yankee Candle’s “Luminous Candle Collection”, due to various reports that the candles are a serious fire hazard.

According to the recall statement, “when the candle is lit, the glass jar can crack, posing a laceration hazard.”


Until now, I’ve never thought twice about leaving a candle burning in the other room. But apparently, these recalled candles could very well burn your house down! It’s simply horrifying!

According to the company’s website, there have been 16 reported incidents involving these “shimmering candlelights.” So far, the recall has affected 31,000 candles sold in the U.S. and 300 in Canada.


The candles being recalled sold for approximately $35/each from September to November.


The world-famous candle company posted the voluntary recall on their website explaining: “At Yankee Candle we pride ourselves on having the highest standards of quality. Out of an abundance of caution and a firm commitment to safety, we have decided to request the immediate return of all Luminous Collection candles.”


Yankee Candle said that the recall is limited to six versions of Luminous Collection candles:

  • Sea Salt & Coral (#1535651)
  • Blackberry & Sage (#1535890)
  • Apple Blossom & Melon (#1535891)
  • Sugarcane & Honey (#1535892)
  • Pine & Sandalwood (#1535893)
  • Cinnamon & Cedar (#1535894)


If you or someone in your household has purchased a Luminous Collection candle, please return it to your nearest Yankee Candle store to receive a full refund plus one free candle of your choice for your inconvenience.

It’s such a shame that these beautiful candles are such a dangerous fire hazard. Please share this important recall with everyone you know!