For Years I Thought These Household Items Were Trash, Then I Learned This One Simple Trick To Make Them Last Forever

There are some things in your house that you just don’t know how to clean. Do you paint over the mess, throw it away, or rip it out?

But what if I told you there was a solution to cleaning pesky messes? No need to run to the store and pick up new one or call a handy man. You’ve got this!

Anyone ever have a recipe go south on you and end up burning your pan? Or pull your pillowcase off and notice your pillow is yellow? Do NOT throw them away!

I have a bad habit of throwing things away before I attempt to fix them. But not anymore! This list of DIY tricks has saved me so much money!

Yellowed Pillows

It can takes years to find the perfect pillow. The right amount of feathers. Not too stiff. Not too fluffy. The worst day of your life is when you pull off the pillowcase and realize your beloved pillow has YELLOWED!

Does that mean the hunt is back on to find the new perfect pillow? No! It’s been found that using hot water, your regular detergent (powdered and liquid both), bleach, and the magic ingredient: borax will do the trick.

Add 1 cup of liquid detergent, 1 cup of powder detergent, 1 cup of bleach, and 1/2 a cup of borax to your machine in the hottest water you can select. Throw in your pillows and watch the magic happen! It might be best to wash the twice just to make sure get everything out.

Burned Cooking Pan 

Sometimes recipes don’t turn out like you thought they would, and things go wrong. Other times, your kids distract you climbing on a piece of furniture and time gets away from you. And sometimes pots and pans just get old.

Either way, we’ve all been there. But don’t throw those burnt old pans away!

Take the pan and fill the bottom with water, and add a cup of vinegar. Bring that to a slow boil. Once it reaches a gentle boil, turn the heat off and put it on a cooler surface. Then add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and watch the reaction happen.

Let that sit for a minute or two then dump out the concoction and scrub away the burnt bits. Ta-da! Should be all clean.

Moldy Shower Curtain 

Shower liners can withstand a lot, but occasionally they can’t take it anymore and get moldy. Sometimes they even turn pink with mildew. It’s an easier fix than you think.

The best method found is to throw your shower liner in the washing machine with a few dirty towels in warm water and add 1/2 cup laundry detergent and 1/2 cup baking soda. When it comes time for the rinse cycle, add 1 cup of white vinegar. Stop the machine before it spin dries the load and hand dry the curtain.

When it’s done drying you will have a brand new shower curtain free of all mold and mildew!

Water Rings On Table

When you’re sitting around the table with friends and family, the last thing you’re thinking about is the condensation building on the outside of your drinking glass. Times goes by before you realize there is a water ring under your glass.

Once you discover one water ring, you may be tempted to give up. But don’t give up on that beautiful finish that covers your table.

Mix equal parts of salt and olive oil until you make a thick paste. Spread this over the water ring and let it sit for 30 minutes. After the timer goes off, wipe the area clean and the spot will vanish!

The moral of the story is: Don’t give up on your favorite household items! It’s unfortunate that things ware and start to show age over time and use, but that doesn’t mean they are trash. Take the time and use these quick fixes. You wont regret it.

Did you know you could fix these issues? Please share so that no one has to lose their favorite pillow again!