You Won’t Believe Where Human Organs Are Being Grown

The marvels of modern science never cease to amaze.

In an effort to make incomplete people whole again, scientists have devised ways of using animals to help grow human tissue, and now organs. It’s been happening a while, and the list of what’s happened in the name of science might put the fear of God into you.

It started simple enough. Remember when scientists grew a human ear on the back of a mouse? While it may be difficult to look at, this is now common practice.

Screenshot 2016-06-07 10.48.38

Then we learned that goats were being genetically manipulated to replicate spider silk?!

Screenshot 2016-06-07 10.52.11

Yes, spider silk. It’s designed to come out via the goat’s milk. Spider silk is one of the strongest known substances to man, even stronger than Kevlar®! The mixture is being researched with the hopes of making knee replacements, parachutes, battle armor, incredibly tough and durable light-weight clothing. All in all, it’s mind blowing what’s being done.

Ready for the next one?

On a small, ordinary farm in South Dakota, cows are being grown with…HUMAN DNA!


They’re being developed with the purpose of extracting the combined DNA to develop vaccines. Soon your Ebola vaccine will have in it ‘Cow DNA.’ While we’re normally all for the consumption of cow DNA in the form of hamburgers, we’d rather not inject that directly into our bloodstream.

Now pigs are even jumping in on the action! It’s almost as if George Orwell’s Animal Farm is coming to life.


Organs are now being grown inside of pigs for later transplant. With all these experiments, that by itself isn’t too scary. But when the scientists begin discussing the possibility of growing human brains inside these animals…Okay, now THAT’S scary!

Walter Low, the lead professor from the University of Minnesota where these experiments are being conducted has this to say about his pet project,

“With every organ we will look at what’s happening in the brain and if we find that it’s too human-like, then we won’t let those foetuses be born”.

They’re hoping to combat and reverse Parkinson’s disease, and developing human brains inside a pig is just an interesting side effect.

If you were in need of a new liver or kidney, would you care that it was grown inside of a pig? As science goes, you know that it will only be a matter of time until we learn that one of these pigs has been allowed to fully develop with a human brain.