Young Girl Reads Bio In Front Of Classmates, Quickly Realizes Her Entire School Is Setting Her Up

Most children don’t choose for their parents to leave and serve in the military. Instead, kids are forced to make difficult sacrifices; sacrifices like not seeing a parent for months, or even years, at a time.

Haley Webb, an 8th grade student at Bingham Middle School in Missouri, knows these sacrifices all too well.

Haley’s father, U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Jason Michael Webb, is stationed in Seoul, South Korea and Haley has not seen him in two years.

Truly understanding what veterans are forced to give up, Haley felt honored when the school principal, Mr. Playter, asked her to introduce a special guest at the Veteran’s Day assembly.

But this was no ordinary guest. The principal had a little surprise for her. As Haley began to introduce the special guest, the bio started to sound very familiar. Here’s how Haley recalls it:

“I didn’t even see the introduction until Mr. Playter gave it to me at the assembly. I read it and it said, “Sgt. First Class.’ And my father is a Sgt. First Class. And I kept reading and I knew it was about him, but I didn’t think he had enough leave to come home. I kept reading and I looked up and he’s walking into the gymnasium, I couldn’t believe it. This is better than Christmas!”

After being gone for two years, Haley is finally reunited with her father. The two embraced each other as the crowd cheered and cried at the same time. The priceless moment is simply too special to put into words.

When asked how it felt to finally see his daughter again, the proud papa shared, “It was every bit as special for me as it was for Haley. We hadn’t seen each other in person since July of 2015. Haley and my family have made a great deal of sacrifices, and that is why today is so special for all of us.”

Watch this emotional moment take place and truly appreciate the sacrifice this family, and so many other families make.

I just couldn’t hold back the tears!

May we never take our freedom for granted, because freedom is very costly. God bless this family for their great sacrifice. God Bless our Troops — and their praying families! Please share if you agree.